Friday, 24 June 2011

Weekend TV Top 10: 24-06-2011

Hello and welcome to our weekly Friday afternoon series where we highlight the best films to watch on TV during the weekend from Friday evening till Sunday night. See what those films are after the jump.

This top ten list is by order of appearance rather than ranking and therefore the number 1 film is not necessarily better than the number 10 film and vice versa. It is also skewed favourably towards classic films and South African/African films as well as films that play during normal waking hours and films that we haven't recommended before.

1. The Dirty Dozen (1967). Director: Robert Aldrich. Starring: Lee Marvin, Ernest Borgnine, Telly Savalas, Charles Bronson and Jim Brown.
TCM - Friday - 18:35.

2. When A Man Loves A Woman (1994). Director: Luis Mandoki. Starring Andy Garcia and Meg Ryan.
M-Net Stars - Saturday - 09:30.

3. Changeling (2008). Director: Clint Eastwood. Starring: Angleina Jolie, Jeffrey Donovan, John Malkovich, Jason Butler Harner and Colm Feore.
M-Net Movies 2 - Saturday - 10:50.

4. Kiss Me Kate (1953). Director: George Sydney. Starring: Kathryn Grayson, Howard Keel and Ann Miller.
TCM - Saturday - 12:10.

5. Cinderella Man (2005). Director: Ron Howard. Starring: Russel Crowe and Renee Zellweger.
M-Net Stars - Saturday - 21:30.

6. The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button (2008). Director: David Fincher. Starring: Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett.
M-Net Movies 2 - Saturday - 22:25.

7. Pink Floyd: The Wall (1982). Director: Alan Parker. Starring: Bob Geldof, Christine Hargreaves, Eleanor David, Alex McAvoy, Bob Hoskins and Michael Ensign.
TCM - Saturday - 23:20.

8. Chariots Of Fire (1981). Director: Hugh Hudson. Starring: Ben Cross, Ian Charleson, Nigel Havers, Cheryl Campbell, Alice Krige and Ian Holm.
M-Net Movies 2 - Sunday - 09:20.

9. Frost/Nixon (2009). Director: Ron Howard. Starring: Frank Langella, Michael Sheen, Kevin Bacon, Rebecca Hall, Toby Jones, Matthew Macfadyen, Oliver Platt and Sam Rockwell.
M-Net Movies 2 - Sunday - 17:35.

10. Do The Right Thing (1989). Director: Spike Lee. Starring: Spike Lee, Danny Aiello, Ossie Davis, Giancarlo Esposito and John Turturro.
TCM - Sunday - 21:00.

Which one of these films are you keen on seeing?

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