Thursday, 23 June 2011

Kings Of Leon Might Do Bond

The Bond song is almost as much of an honour as being a Bond girl, though with less call for bikinis. Rumour has it that Kings of Leon have been asked by Daniel Craig no fewer than three times to consider the offer(didn't realise Daniel Craig had pre-approval, but these are rumours).

As much as I am a fan of Kings (have my tickets, ready to party, injured drummers notwithstanding), but are they really James Bond material? Ponder for a moment Garbage's World is Not Enough, and Madonna's Die Another Day. Oi. Vay.

For James Bond's 23rd outing, Adele is also being considered. If you consider the hideous warble that was Jack White and Alicia Key's Quantum of Solace tune, Adele seems a more obvious choice.

Why? Let's take the legendary John Barry's signature James Bond tune. It's classy rather than edgy. Ditto Shirley Bassey's belters Goldfinger and Diamonds are Forever (Moonraker was intended for another singer, so we won't comment on that forgettable track). It's classic rather than country. Consider Matt Munro's From Russia with Love, or Duran Duran's View to a Kill. Even Wings's Live and Let Die.

Yes the series has been re-launched to align closer with the Ian Fleming books, but his cold war spy didn't have that deep-fried Southern twang anywhere. Ah well, let's see. Or rather hear what transpires.

What's your favourite Bond song?

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