Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Ben 10 Film

It seems these days that any cartoon can be made into a film. Film producers understand the high money making capability of children. So many cartoons have been made into a franchise that is ripping parents pockets off left righ and centre.

The latest news of an ever so popular kiddies cartoon taking on the big screen is Ben 10. Ben 10 is a Cartoon Network series that started in 2005 and has since just grown into a hugely popular franchise among young boys around the world.

Collider reports that Steve Richards and Andrew Rona of Dark Castle will co-produce with Joel Silver in the production of this film. Warner Bros. is in talks for distribution rights.

The film is said to follow the story line of the first series.

Many parents out there will either be happy or extremely annoyed by this news if their children are fans of Ben 10.

Do you think this is just a way to grow the franchise or a good opportunity for a film?

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