Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Michael Dudikoff - do you miss him?

It's been nine years since the brilliant Michael Dudikoff last starred in a film. He is 56-years-old now so maybe he did not want to tarnish his powerful action career because he was over the hill. Perhaps, he realised the 80s action movies craze was over. I think he was having too many nightmares about Steven Seagal.

He has worked very diligently for an actor. This may be because he starred in so many B movies, which, I assume, did not pay very well. B movies are not often available in South Africa . This may be because they are too expensive to import, in light of the small likelihood of any one paying to watch them. Nevertheless, etV tends to show many B-movies.

Dudikoff's most memorable film series is the American Ninja series. It was kind of funny. He played Private Joe Armstrong and managed to churn out five American Ninja films. The first sequel American Ninja 2: The Confrontation amazingly featured South African actress and Cherel de Villiers from South African soapie, Isidingo: The Need; Michelle Botes. That film was released in 1987. To my knowledge, not many local actresses have been in cheesy martial arts movies, except for Candice Hillebrand, who was in the live action Tekken movie, but who is not as established an actress.

Dudikoff also mentors other actors and participates in martial arts. He practises Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I believe he could "take 70-year-old Chuck Norris to the hospital".

Wikipedia says Dudikoff is married and has two kids. He also owns a Golden Retriever.

There may be light at the end of the tunnel for the millions AND MILLIONS of Dudikoff fans around the world. I was very excited when I found this on the Internet:


In August last year, it was announced that Dudikoff was teaming up with another former action star, Wesley Snipes and, some actor called Joey Lawrence.

In recent news for Lawrence (April 29), the New York Daily News reported that Lawrence is supporting Donald Trump's bid for the White Office. By the way, Trump is not buying it. Instead, Trump wants to run for president of the US.

Here's the article and a link:

" Donald Trump may be losing friends by the minute, but he has at least one Hollywood star on his side - Joey Lawrence from the 1990s sitcom "Blossom."

The actor, who is best known for his role as Blossom's dimwitted brother on the '90s sitcom, told Fox News that he was behind the birther king.

"I'd be open to Donald. He's somebody out of the box and I think that some of the stuff he's saying makes sense," he said Tuesday. "It sounds like you and I would say it and it's time. I'm tired of 'so politically correct' every step of the way. "


Are there any other "has been" acting legends you would like to see return to our screens?

Alistair Anderson

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