Monday, 6 June 2011

Paramount Rounds Up The Heroes

Monday's news comes with another pleasant surprise from Paramount Pictures who have beaten Warner Brother's to the finish line and secured the movie rights to DC comics' The Mighty.

The Mighty centres around Lieutenant Gabriel Cole who has worked his way to the top of Section Omega and has a childhood liaison to superhero Alpha One. Alpha One however deems all is not as it seems (of course, there would be no plot without this juicy bit of info) and thus Cole must save the day (and the earth) from Alpha Badder (shew, I'm super corny today!)

Stars are still rising for the film itself and it will be a while before we see any great flashes of light across our screens but never fear because Green Lantern is due for release on June 22nd and talks of Iron Man 3 have flitted from mouth to ear.

If Thor and Iron Man are anything to go by, you can be sure that Paramount Pictures will treat The Mighty with some mighty fine respect. I suspect a box office top ten if special effects mean anything to you. Mark my words.

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