Thursday, 2 June 2011

Another Paul Thomas Anderson movie

Website reports that there is a new Paul Thomas Anderson film in the works. Regular followers of Screenforum will know we made the talented film maker one of our directors of the month earlier this year.

Indiewire says: "The wheels are now turning very fast on Paul Thomas Anderson‘s untitled religious flick, aka “The Master.” Yesterday saw Jesse Plemons, David Warshofsky and Laura Dern and earlier today we confirmed Swedish actress Lena Endre joined the cast."

The site also mentioned that Amy Adams had signed on too. She would star in the film before she went off to work on Zack Snyder's new Superman movie, "Man of Steel".

Anderson favourite Philip Seymour Hoffman and potential nutcase, Joaquin Phoenix, will also star in The Master.

The film tells the story of Lancaster Dodd (Hoffman), who returns home from World War Two. He starts a religion similar to Scientology, taking Freddie Sutton Phoenix), a former alcoholic, under his wing.

Adams will play Mary-Sue, Dodd’s wife in the film, who also acts as his caretaker.

Production begins during the middle of June and we think Adams is a great choice to play off of Hoffman again. The two had featured in the movie, Doubt before. It also involved religion as a concept.

Alistair Anderson

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