Friday, 24 June 2011

Friday's Cheese: Thank God It's Friday

Warning for those with sensitive stomachs. This is deluxe cheese with added extra cheese. And what could be better for Friday than well, Thank God It's Friday.

What are you doing Friday night? If it was 1978, and you were anyone who was anyone without a date/hoping to score/experimenting with hallucinogenic drugs, you'd be at the disco.Oh yes you would.But this Friday night there's a dance competion, with music by The Commodores.

This disco movie, released in 1978, wears its bell-bottomed pants and sky-high platforms in glorious ode to the Friday night disco scene. It even won an Oscar, I kid you not. For Best Song. Donna's Summer's Last Dance which is at the end of this rather rickety and sponsored trailer that I managed to unearth:

If that wasn't enough, it also has Jeff Goldblum as the owner who oozes sleaze across the screen, Debra Winger before Terms of Endearment, and Teri Nunn (lead singer of Berlin).

Cheesy yes, but with a great disco soundtrack. Nostalgia is a dish best eaten in a room with a glitter ball.

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