Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Inbetweeners sneak peak

Sometimes I get good news in terms of what actually entertains me. One of my favourite shows is becoming a film. The brilliant British comedy, The Inbetweeners is getting a movie. I knew that already but on Wednesday, I heard sneak footage for it had been released.

The Inbetweeners follows a bunch of boys living in London. They are not quite nerds nor jocks nor criminals. They are somewhere in between all the madness of high school. The television show was very accessible because it reminded me of my awkward high school moments.

So, EmpireOnline reports that the boys' Facebook page a tracking shot of the characters.

"Right now there’s not exactly a lot of footage from the film, just a long tracking shot of Will, Jay, Neil and Simon wandering the party central streets of Cyprus’ Malia resort town. And checking out the girls.That’s about all they’ve released about the plot, too, though you’ve got to figure that there’ll be the usual madness with Will being nervous, Simon being awkward and Jay claiming that he’s slept with everything in sight when he’s actually just a bumbling, foul-mouthed loon."

Are there any British comedy shows you would like to see turned into a film?

Check out the sneak footage below:

Alistair Anderson

See the full article at EmpireOnline:

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