Thursday, 9 June 2011

Breaking Dawn: First View

Unless you live under a rock or have absolutely no interest in the final chapter of the Twilight saga, you would know that the first trailer of Twilight: Breaking Dawn launched last week.

Breaking Dawn is set to be the two-part grand finale of the Stephenie Meyer saga. And not only do we have the new trailer, but a few sneak peak stills from the film. Enjoy.

Kristen Stewart and Ashley Greene doing the sisterly bond thing...

Twilight: Eclipse recently won five MTV awards including best kiss and best fight.

Scene from the much anticipated wedding...

Breaking Dawn looks set to be more 'mature' in content and features the gruesome birth scene from the book.

Rather chilly looking for this moody pair...

Thank you to the Hollywood Reporter.

Aren't you going to be sad when there's no more Edward and Bella and Jacob to look forward to?

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