Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Films That Make You Want To Go There

Some films are set in such amazing places that when you watch it you just want to go visit that same place and experience what the characters in the film experienced.

Recent reports have said that Hangover 2 has boosted tourism in Thailand. Some tour groups are allegedly even offering 'Hangover tours', whereby visitors can go for a tour around all the places where Hangover was shot.

I really do feel that many films are great ways to boost tourism in the destinations that they are filmed. This is obviously only if the film reflects it in a positive light. It can have the opposite affect and make people not want to visit the place at all.

The film that made me fall in love with 3 destinations, was Eat, Pray, Love. After watching that film all I wanted to do was pack my bags and travel the world. Italy, India and Bali are the three countries featured in this story and I would now love to visit each of them.

Which films have given you the travel itch?

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