Wednesday, 1 June 2011

This Hangover Is Pretty Nasty

E! Online reports that despite overall weak reviews for The Hangover Part II, a third film is already being planned.

Number two beat opening weekend records, making $205m globally. It cost $80m to make so that is an impressive return on investment. There is talk of it being set in Amsterdam. So if the first one was in Vegas and the second in Bangkok, dealing with booze, gambling and prostitutes, are drugs next? Surely, no one will laugh at another weed film?

The Hangover Part II managed to break the three-day total for a live-action comedy and the holiday-weekend take for any R-rated movie. It nearly doubled on the original Hangover's opening weekend. This film series really is a money machine. Do you care if there is a third film? Trilogies are not a new concept in film.

Alistair Anderson

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