Friday, 3 June 2011

Really Bad Actors

So who are Hollywood's worst actors who somehow keep on getting given roles and smearing our screens with excrement? Here are a few that spring to mind:

Ryan O'Neal

He's more famous for his relationships than his rotten acting but he was awful on screen.

He's not very loveable in Love Story and is even more rotten in everything else.

Paul Walker

He has less acting talent than a bar of soap. He may look good but he's annoying too watch. Walker is always psyched up. He can only star in thrillers and action movies where he gets to take himself seriously. Perhaps he will eventually stop relying on The Fast and The Furious series. They've made five, four of which he featured in.

Another rubbish blonde actor - don't know why blondes are starting a trend on this post - is Hayden Christensen.

He's one of the weakest actors in the much derided prequel trilogy. I think he was decent in Shattered Glass as a lying journalist but he is pretty weak in most other films, even Star Wars.

Let's not forget two of the kings of useless - Pauly Shore and Keannu Reeves

First, Keannu Reeves:

He was lucky to star in The Matrix. Johnny Mnemonic and Speed were also well-made but the rest of his films and performances therein were pretty weak.

Pauly Shore

This man is the king of bad cinematic actors. The king of bad directors is Uwe Boll, but more on him in another post.

Shore was surprisingly bad in the early 1990s. He played a stoner surfer but he wasn't cool, he was annoying. He was even in Bio-Dome. He's awful. He made a film about him faking his own death. He made some garbage about starving Africans too.

Alistair Anderson

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