Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Can We Handle More Sex In The City?

The infamous Sex in the City has brought us a hilarious series filled of fun and naughty humour that all women love as well as two films giving us an extra dosage of the girls. Do you want a third dosage?

Channel24 has quoted Kim Cattrall as being unsure about the future of Sex in the City. The man-eating Samantha Jones in the series was definetely one of favourite characters who you either loved to hate or just loved to love. Her character has some of the qualities that many women dream of having but just don't have the guts.

Cattrall says she would love to delve into the character again but also wants her fans to see her as what she was before Samantha took over her life. She would love to branch into other roles and carry on her acting career.

The thing is can we handle another film? Has the show reached its final thread before making us hate it? So many films take it too far and ruin what it had in the beginning. Many fans of the television series hated the films, others loved them. Some thought the second film was too much and ruined its image. I on the other hand loved the second film more than the first. However, I am sceptical about a third. A good thing needs to know when to come to an end to preserve its good image.

Do you want a third Sex in the City?

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