Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Bad Boys

All girls love a bad boy. There's just something about their naughtiness that seems so open to reforming. Maybe it's the challenge. Maybe it's because you know he's up to no good and he'll ride off into the sunset on his bike/starship/mean machine with a Camel in one hand and your heart in the other.

My review of Prom featured a Disney bad boy who just didn't even hint at the possibility of badness. Didn't even so much of sniff it. He was just a good boy with bad wheels and bad boy hair.

So who are my top 5 movie bad boys?

With respect to Russell Crowe, Sean Bean and Colin Farrell who are all on my bad boy list, here are my top 5.

Coming in at number 5 has to be Michael Madson. He positively oozes bad boy right off the screen in movies such as Kill Bill, Reservoir Dogs and Donnie Brasco. There's something about his rangy tough-guy appearance and gravelly voice that assures you you'd rather not run into him in a dark alley. Ever.

Number 4 is Mickey Rourke pre gung-ho visits to the plastic surgeon. The ultimate in sleaze in films such as 9 1/2 Weeks, Body Heat and Wild Orchid, Mickey Rourke proved his bad boy credentials both on and off screen with his foray into boxing.

Ralph Fiennes is the quintessential gentleman bad boy. Think In Bruges. Think Voldemort in Harry Potter. Cold, sneering, power hungry. Sadistic. Think Schindler's List. But then there's The English Patient in which he plays the monosyllabic patient of the title who was the victim of love and fickle fate.

Number 2 is also part of the Harry Potter stable. But before he was Harry's hapless uncle he was Gary Oldman. On screen, he drools with bad boy charisma. Bram Stoker's Dracula saw Oldman as Dracula, and we wished we were Winona Ryder. In Sid and Nancy he lived up to the name Sid Vicious, and in The Professional he was cooler than an iceberg in mid-Winter. Bad to the bone.

And my top bad boy? Well, I'm not alone in my thinking. Sean Penn. Reportedly he's currently hooked up with Scarlett Johansson. What's not to love about this wild man? He's been outstanding exploring his dark side in movies such as Dead Man Walking and Bad Boys. Of course he's as much a bad boy off-screen as on, which makes him so alluring.

Who are your favourite bad boys?

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