Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Supernatural Rivals

Since the dawn of time man has had to make decisions, fight or flight, blondes or brunettes, work of pleasure, the one option would inevitably verse the other. To this I post the question; DC or Marvel?

These two major comic book film rivals have been competing for audience favour for almost three decades. According to DC comics was the first to put together a full feature length movie with the 1966 “Batman”. Then of course the legendary release of Richard Donner’s Superman, portrayed by the never-to-be-forgotten Christopher Reese. Marvel only appeared on the scene in 1998 with the release of Blade, but then X-men dominated the box office and reached new superhero movie status.

DC concentrates on its two main characters, Superman and Batman, while Marvel makes a film out of every superhero in its catalogue. Some might argue that DC allows directors to work with better storylines and character development and Marvel plainly gives audiences what they want – more action packed superhero movies. I believe both have made some amazing movies and both have made some flops. For example DC brought us The Dark Knight, which will forever reach our top ten lists and will most definitely withstand the test of time, but from the same creators also came the unmemorable Catwoman. On the other side Marvel’s future is bright with the eccentric Ironman and always anticipated X-men movies, but Marvel has also made some forgettable films, such as Electra and Punisher.

Some people might think it necessary to make a decision between these two movie giants, but I believe we have evolved enough to appreciate the superheroes themselves and how they give our imaginations the ability to think of ourselves being able to run as fast as a speeding bullet or shoot laser beams from our eyes. Marvel and DC have brought us the superhero fantasy and will hopefully keep doing so for many more years to come.

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