Saturday, 23 April 2011

Back To School, Back To Reality

Fans of the director who amazingly gets worse with every film, M Night Shyamalan are raising money to send him back to film school.
After releasing the special, The Sixth Sense in 1999 and awesome comic book-inspired, Unbreakable in 2000, Shyamalan began farting out films that have spread like a plague upon cinema. Obsessed with twists, he forgot about simple things such as, "does this film make sense, is this actor outacting a dustbin" and vommited out Signs in 2002, Lady in the Water in 2006 and The Happening in 2008. If the Crappening wasn't bad enough, he broke through the bottom of the barrel with incredibly horrid, The Last Airbender, the winner of five Razzie awards. The Razzies are the opposite of the Oscars - they go to the worst films of the year.

Thus, before Shyamalan makes another stinker, a group of people have created a website to raise $150 000 to send him back to New York University's Tisch School of Arts, so he can get the help he really needs.

The site has raised about $600 so far and has been running for a few days. Check it out ( and learn about how, when people come together, they can do something worthwhile.

Alistair Anderson

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