Monday, 18 April 2011

An Animated Refreshment - Fantastic Mr. Fox

With all the hype surrounding animation, especially looking at the list of animation movies currently showing in cinemas, I went searching for a 'proper' animation film that I would genuinely recommend. My recommendation is the first animated film by the brilliant director Wes Anderson, called Fantastic Mr. Fox. Wes Anderson's filmography includes films such as The Darjeeling Limited and Rushmore. He is also known for his unique screenwriting.

Fantastic Mr. Fox was produced by Regency Enterprises and Indian Paintbrush, and released in the autumn of 2009, the film features the voices of George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Jason Schwartzman, and Bill Murray. Fantastic Mr. Fox was also the first stop-motion animated film to be distributed by 20th Century Fox. Considering this technique is almost extinct amidst the masses of virtual animations I truly consider this remake of a Roald Dahl novel as a good film. Although it doesn't conform to the current trend of highly saturated and completely digitized animation films it suggests an equally exciting imaginative world. Another reason to pay tribute to the casual masterpiece that is Fantastic Mr. Fox, is in my opinion, mainly because it adds style and sophistication to the animated film.

This is something that is truly lacking in the aesthetic mush of current animation films and to see something as refreshing as Anderson's Roald Dahl adaptation within the mainstream industry is almost like a rainbow after a grey, dull and unimpressive rainstorm.

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