Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Children's Books of Adult Films

Artist Josh Cooley has taken scenes from adult films which may be too complicated to explain to children and drawn them as if they appeared in children's books.

Here's an explanation and some examples of his creativity from the blog Swipelife:

"Explaining adult themed movies to kids is a difficult task. Sometimes the most pivotal moments in the film are the ones you’d probably don’t want to explain to a child. Illustrator Josh Cooley takes these moments and gives them the kids story book treatment by drawing popular movie scenes with quotes as if they were from a page of a children’s book. Films such as Aliens, The Godfather, The Professional, and Terminator all get their place in Cooley’s book and are a lot of fun to look at. As Cooley states on his blog, the book will be available soon at Comic-Con and on his site. For more info visit his blog at "

Alistair Anderson

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