Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Avatar 2 and 3 to be shot in Manhattan Beach

After the huge success of Avatar the sequels are in planning and the set has been decided. Hollywood Reporter has reported that James Cameron, director, and 20th Century Fox have signed a lease for studio and office space at MBS Media Campus in Manhattan Beach.

The studio is a massive 580,000 square foot area and has 15 soundstages. It is also said that the area will be used for Cameron’s company, Lightstorm Entertainment. The original Avatar was produced in Playa Vista, which took four years of production. Lightstorm was based in another building however Cameron spent most of his time at Playa Vista. Now it looks like he will be able to better share his time between the production set and Lightstorm’s offices.

For the original Avatar, the live actions scenes were shot in New Zealand, special effects company WETA were employed. It is not known whether or not the action scenes for the sequels will be shot in New Zealand or not. WETA is expected to be involved in the sequels again.

There is much anticipation for the sequels to be released. Avatar 2 is scheduled for release in December 2014 and Avatar 3 for the following December. The first Avatar set a very high standard, which we hope Cameron will continue with and possibly better. The makers of the films have a long road ahead of them to produce something magical.

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