Saturday, 16 April 2011

Film Review: Limitless

Rating: 8/10 - Excellent

A new action thriller brought to you by Neil Burger who directed The Lucky Ones and The Illusionist. The main character, Eddie Morra, is portrayed by Bradley Cooper, who played Phil - one of the best men in The Hangover who was the take charge negotiator who got bored with his teaching career and married life. Limitless awakens the visual senses and brings viewers a movie that will have them glued to the screen – what will Eddie do next? See the full review after the jump.

Director: Neil Burger. Screenplay: Leslie Dixon based on the novel, "The Dark Fileds" by Alan Glynn. Producers: Lesley Dixon, Ryan Kavanaugh and Scott Kroopf. Executive Producers: Bradley Cooper, Jason Felts and Tucker Tooley. Cinematographer: Jo Willems. Score: Paul Lenoard-Morgan. Editors: Tracy Adams and Naomi Geraghty. Studio: Rogue Pictures (Universal). Starring: Bradley Cooper, Abbie Cornish, Robert De Niro and Anna Friel. Running Time: 105 Minutes. Age Restriction: PG 13

Limitless is about a down on his luck, middle aged man. When we first meet Eddie Morra he portrays the image of a wash out - sloppy clothes, messy hair, just a general bum-like appearance. As he so adequately put it in the movie: “What guy not addicted to drugs or alcohol looked like this?” Eddie suffers from severe writers block and on top of it all his very successful girlfriend (Abbie Cornish) dumps him. Eddie has officially reached loser status. After hitting rock bottom Eddie runs into his ex brother in-law, who introduces him to MDT – a miracle drug which allows you to access all areas of your brain, unlocking your full intellectual potential, turning him into Eddie Enhanced.

Eddie is immediately hooked on the wonder drug. He finishes a best seller in less than four days, starts exercising and gets a much needed hair cut. In less than a week Eddie is a totally different person - attractive, intellectual and confident. Eddie quickly realizes he can do much more than simply write and starts dabbling in the stock market, where he is soon introduced to the multi billion dollar merger mogul – Carl van Loon (Roberts DE Niro).

Everything is going better than imagined for Eddie, until the side effects start setting in – it is a drug after all. The rest of the movie revolves around Eddie trying to overcome the negative consequences, all while escaping loan sharks and keeping his girlfriend happy.

The visual affects were brilliant, making the viewer almost feel the affects of the drug. I especially appreciated the lighting aspect – Before, when Eddie was still a loser, everything appeared grey and depressing, after taking the drug everything becomes illuminated, giving Eddie an exceptional glow, making his baby blue eyes even more spectacular.

VERDICT: An enjoyable action thriller with a good twist, you can’t help but cheer Eddie on.

Limitless is out in theaters now.

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