Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Green Day following in Abba's footsteps

It has been announced that the punk rock band Green Day are going to make a film based on their album American Idiot. This is following the Broadway musical based on the album.

American Idiot is the seventh studio album of the band and was released in 2004. Ever since the release of the album there have been talks regarding turning it into a film. The band released several comments over the years saying that they were definitely going to be making it a film; however it was just taking a while. The time has now come for the film to happen.

Hollywood Reporter has stated that Universal will be the new home for the musical. Michael Mayer is said to be the director and it is to be produced by Green Day, Pat Magnarella, Playtone and Tom Hulce.

The film is very much like Mama Mia! which was based on Abba’s music. The album was based on the concept of love versus rage. There are three characters throughout the album: Jesus of Suburbia, punk rock freedom fighter St. Jimmy and Whatsername. The characters are involved with the two themes of film, love and rage.

Green Day fans will get the chance to understand the album and what the main idea behind the album was in this film.

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