Thursday, 28 April 2011

Bardem Joins Stephen King Adaptation

Mulitple award winner Javier Bardem has signed to star as Roland Deschain in Hollywood hit machines, Ron Howard and Brian Grazer's adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower, TotalFilm confirmed on Thursday.

Mr Bardem is the only confirmed actor for a huge project, even by Hollywood standards.

There will be a trilogy of films and three TV miniseries that are planned to follow each film.

The New York Post said: "Bardem has signed on to the first movie and the miniseries, but the intention is that he will star in all three movies and each of the TV series.

"It's an enormous deal for any actor, but Bardem was always the first choice."

The Dark Tower is one of Stephen King's most popular series, especially for people who moved away from his horror writing.

The story, which has been made into a graphic novel already, features "Gunslinger" Deschain on a journey to find the mythical Dark Tower as he tries to save civilisation. It is a very interesting tale and King even wrote himself into it.

Howard is set to direct and production should start later this year.

Alistair Anderson

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