Sunday, 24 April 2011

Film Review: Superhelde

Rating: 5.6/10

You would be forgiven for thinking Superhelde was another sequel the Afrikaans comedy Bakgat as it consists of the same cast. Ivan Botha from Bakgat 1 and 2, he also plays a brooding artist in 7de Laan; Neil Sharim – Bakgat 1 and 2; Lelia Estebeth- Bakgat 2 and 2, Ciska Kruger Botha – Bakgat 1 and 2, you get the idea.

Director: Stefan Nieuwoudt. Screenplay: Ivan Botha and Andrew Thompson. Producer: Danie Bester. Editor: C.A van Aswegen. Cinematography: David Pienaar. Studio: The Film Factory. Starring: Ivan Botha, Andrew Thompson, Neil Sharim, Lelia Estebeth, Ciska Kruger Botha, Elma Postma, Gareth Collins, Roland Gasper, Melt Sieberhagen and Dirk Stolts. Running Time: 95min. Age Restriction: PG13 LS.

A group of friends band together to save their beloved comic book store, Dimension, from the villainous father and son duo, J.J Senior and J.J Junior, who plan on demolishing the store and turn it into a parking lot. Superhelde is not about normal people discovering their superpowers, but rather about average people who look up to their comic book heroes as a source of inspiration and courage.

The two main Characters Albert (Ivan Botha) and Peet (Neil Sharim) each have their own superhero alter ego. Albert idolizes Spiderman and Peet channels The Incredible Hulk. True to their alter ego’s, they only wear T-shirts in the colour scheme of their superheroes and of course each one has a love interest. Albert has feelings for the shy Monique (real life wife Ciska Botha) and Peet celebrates his six year anniversary with the beautiful Saskia (Lelia Estabeth). Peet and Saskia’s relationship is your typical cliché – extremely hot girlfriend goes out with geeky, overweight comic book nerd. This only happens in the movies.

The thing, or rather person, that put me off the film was the bad guy J.J. Junior (Andrew Thompson ) who also featured in Bakgat one and two, and is known as Blapsie’s loser boyfriend in the popular Afrikaans Kyknet series Molly & Wors. In my opinion he should rather stick to comedy. J.J. Junior’s raspy voice and excessive use of the word “poo” made me want to change the channel. In the beginning of the movie he was tolerable, even funny, but as the movie progressed he became irritating.

The movie definitely had some laugh out load moments and some cringe worthy scenes – Peet making a smoothie using a vibrator, but as my boyfriend who watched the movie with me said: This is a movie you watch with your Afrikaans pals while having a kuier.

VERDICT: If you’re Afrikaans you will enjoy the uniquely Afrikaans terminology in the movie as the subtitles do not do it justice. A movie best watched on DVD in the comfort of your own home.

Superhelde is out in theatres now.

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