Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The South African Box Office Report

Welcome to our weekly box office report where we reveal the Top 10 films in South Africa over the last weekend. See the full chart after the jump.

1. Rio-3D NEW [94 Screens] Weekend Gross: R 4 343 505.
Per Screen Average: R 46 209. All Time Gross: R 4 343 409.
No real surprises here. With a stellar voice cast and a fun looking trailer that highlighted the fact that this film was made by the same people who made the insanely popular Ice Age series, this was always set to be the number 1 film this weekend and the main question was how much it was going to make. With a R4 Million opening I think the suits at Fox will be laughing all the way to the bank with this.

2. Unknown NEW [50] Weekend: R 1 203 698
Per Screen: R 24 076. All Time: R 1 203 698. 
I predicted that Unknown and The Eagle would fight it out for number 2, with my money being on Liam Neeson to beat Tatum Channing to the post. It turns out that I got half of that prediction right with The Eagle opening way down at number 10 albeit on 10 fewer screens. Maybe this would've made even more money if they cut to the chase and just called it Taken 2. Just saying.

3. Just Go With It Week 4.(Last Week: Number 1). [64] Weekend: R 1 174 971 (-17%).
Per Screen: R 18 358. All Time: R 10 265 667.
South Africans just love Adam Sandler and have willingly helped him with another R1 Million or so of their hard earned money this weekend. His latest flick has now become the first R10 Million grossing film of 2011. Expect more to come once the big blockbusters start rolling in May.

4. No Strings Atteched Week 2. (LW: 2). [65] Weekend: R 972 541 (-30,8%).
Per Screen: R 17 680. All Time: R 3 166 408.
Not quite sure what people see in this but it's holding quite well from last week's good opening and at this rate it should easily make its way to the R7/8 Million range or thereabouts.

5. Hop Week 2. (LW: 5). [77] Weekend: R 814 858 (-21,4%).
Per Screen: R 10 586. All Time: R 3 284 621.
I don't know about you but I haven't seen any posters or trailers for this film in local theatres so I'm pretty surprised that it's making any money at all. Then again for a live action/animated film about the Easter Bunny that has been playing over the school holidays, this really should have made at least double what it has so far if it had an even half-visible marketing campaign.

6. Rango Week 4. (LW: 4). [69] Weekend: R 724 844 (-40,9%).
Per Screen: R 10 507. All Time: R 8 521 256.
This film is further proof that if you add Johnny Depp to any film, audiences will lap it up like it's manna from heaven. No wonder he made an obscene R700 Million in personal income last year. If only writing about films paid that much...

7. The Mechanic Week 2. (LW: n/a). [48] Weekend: R 681 804 (n/a).
Per Screen: R 14 202. All Time: R 2 312 376.
Jason Statham fanboys (and fangirls) have helped this to a decent second week total and the all time gross certainly looks respectable. I'll need to double check my stats but this might just be The Stath's highest grossing film as the only big name in a pic since the Transporter days. Good on him.

8. Gnomeo And Juliet Week 3. (LW: 3). [49] Weekend: R 539 561 (59,3%).
Per Screen: R 11 014. All Time: R 7 234 520.
Ah yes. Another animated film making more money than it really should. Parent's will take their kids to anything!

9. I Am Number Four Week 3. (LW: 6). [51] Weekend: R 447 611 (-51,2%).
Per Screen: R 8 774. All Time: R 605 071.
I'm really suprised that this hasn't made more money judging by the buzz surrounding it on the internet. I guess it's not quite the next Harry Potter.

10. The Eagle NEW [40] Weekend: R 432 493
Per Screen: R 10 810. All Time: R 10 810.
Whoa Channing Tatum! What happened bro? You were supposed to be challenging Liam Neeson's Unknown for 2nd place yet you're somehow down here at number 10 with the lowest per screen average of all the Top 10 films!!! Thank god I'm not a gambling man or I would have lost some good money on this.

Overall Box Office is up 26,8% from last week at R 12 586 278 and is up by 6,87% from the same period last year when, can you believe it, The Bounty Hunter finished at the top of the charts.

Source: Box Office Mojo.

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