Monday, 4 April 2011

Spiderman Reboot

By definition to reboot means to shut down and restart, which is exactly the case with The Amazing Spider-man. The new Spiderman movie, set to be released 3 July 2012, will consist of an entirety new cast and new director.

Mark Webb, known for 500 days of summer and the TV series The Office, will be directing Spiderman in 3D. The movie will pay homage to the original comic books, where Spiderman’s web shooters were not the result of mutation but rather a built in mechanical device. Spiderman will be played by Andrew Garfield, best known for his performance in The Social Network. A wise choice as the movie will take place during Peter Parker’s high school years and Andrew with his 27 years of age can still easily pull off the brooding teenager.
According to the imdb website the new villain will be The Lizard, a.k.a. Dr. Curtis Connors, who through a desperate attempt to regenerate his lost arm tested serum, taken from reptilian DNA, on himself and inevitably became a reptilian monster known as the Lizard. Spiderman reboot is in no way linked to the previously released trilogy, but rather a new take on our friendly neighbourhood wall crawler.

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