Monday, 9 May 2011

Mextrosexual or Intellectualsexual

Films often reflect societal opinion. This can refer to fashionable clothes or even fashionable beliefs. Without getting too philosophical, I will say that there has been a shift in what type of man is fashionable, at least according to the film world. We have gone from metrosexual to intellectualsexual

Jesse Eisenberg - Geek Chic

Mark Wahlberg in a jeans advert is no longer what Hollywood is trying to sell to you. Instead you need to consume Jesse Eisenberg taking on twin brick shithouses with his facebook empire.

The Social Network (2010), which starred Eisenberg as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, was very highly rated by many critics. People felt it had captured the zeitgeist of our modern age. I am not sure what the modern age of the 2010s is exactly because it is so early within it but I know that social media and other technology is changing perhaps everything about the world I live in.

The Social Network told the story of the founding of Facebook. By detailing the story of the world's most popular social networking website, it gave itself a springboard to look at how we live now.

Without getting into a review of The Social Network, let me say that it made "geeks" look cool. Adolescents who understood how to use computers to make money and create world-changing ideas did that this decade. The Social Network then told their story.

Scott Pilgrim vs the World, also released last year, made video games cool. The lead actor, Michael Cera is an embodiment of many stereotypical geeks - guys who are knowledgeable about and skilled at using technology but have little of those when it comes to having luck with woman. Cera even has to battle evil exs to try to win a girl.

Some people will try to convince me that the television show Glee is about geeks. It is not. It's about children who like talent shows and wish there was a High School Musical 5 and 6. It's for "Gleeks"; child music show addicts who could not get enough of Idol and American Idol. They are now gorging on The Voice too. I suppose those show allow for talented people to be discovered and to get singing opportunities. All I am asking is that they be considered separately from geek culture.

Here's a list of some classic Geek films worth watching. Disclaimer: They do not all feature geeky actors but the ideas are geeky:

Office Space
Repo Man
Pirates of Silicon Valley

What's the next Geek film? Nothing springs to mind but it will probably feature Michael Cera. However, his hipster roles such as that in Juno, does not count.

Alistair Anderson

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