Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Mine's Bigger Than Yours

Not content with a luxury apartment, Will Smith is causing mayhem with his mansize trailer on the set of Men in Black III.

The trailer at around 1,150 square feet has a price tag of $9,000 a week.

According to Fox News, Will's trailer, nicknamed "The Heat," includes a lounge, a movie room with a 100-inch screen, marble floors throughout, offices for his assistants and writing staff, a large bedroom and all-granite bathroom. It measures about 53 feet long, has 22 wheels and weighs in at around 30 tons.

That's not a trailer - that's an ode to celebrity-dom and its OTT accoutrements.How much longer can Will Smith claim to be one of the 'peeps'?

Needless to say, neighbouring residents are less than thrilled. I was more upset to learn that there would be a Men in Black III. Please tell me Willow Smith is not involved in the title track.

What do you think? Are stars like Will entitled to some grandoise expressions of their celebrity importance?

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