Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Gaga Quentin Tarantino's New Dark Lady

According to an article posted in the British Mirror, Quentin Tarantino plans to line Lady Gaga up for a movie role. What an interesting mix or match rather.

According to sources found by Mirror's Laura Martin, Lady Gaga got to know the Kill Bill mastermind when she borrowed his “Pussy Wagon” van for her Telephone video. Apparently Quentin, 48, has been keen to work more closely with the 25-year-old Gaga. An inside source claimed that “it’s no secret Quentin’s been eyeing up Gaga for a role in one of his up-and-coming films.And now they’re both in Cannes, he’s keen to show off his movie star credentials”.

Considering Gaga, Quentin and many more starlets are all currently in France, attending the annual Cannes Film Festival, interesting collaborations are bound to sprout and very soon blossom into even more noteworthy productions. We'll just have to wait and anticipate with great enthusiasm indeed.

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