Thursday, 19 May 2011

Infinite Film Noir

I figured the art that was Film Noir needs one more tribute. Considering a piece of literature (pocket essential) by Paul Duncan called Film Noir; Films Of Trust And Betrayal, I quote the following-

“[Film Noir] is still and silent. The pure black screen has tiny pinpricks of white trying to break through. The central character is thinking. He is thinking about all the bad things that have happened to him. He is not happy. He knows that shit happens, but why did it have to happen to him? He smiles, because he is alive. If he doesn’t get killed today, he’ll consider it a lucky day.”

Taking into account the influence this longstanding and still developing genre had and still have on many epic filmmakers from Alfred Hitchcock to Quentin Tarantino, Film Noir definitely needs more than just one recognition. Many studies has been made on the inner workings of the Film Noir, yet I claim there is much more to mine from the infinite abyss that is Film Noir.

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