Sunday, 8 May 2011

The Rock Can Act

I have rubbished Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) before. I said he was not a real action star. But upon watching the Tooth Fairy (2010), I have realised this guy has some acting chops.

In the Tooth Fairy, he actually did the gentle giant thing quite well. He also understood comic timing and shows some emotion beyond what the standard children's film script may expect him to do.

He also had excellent chemistry with Ashley Judd and Stephen Merchant. I have not seen Fast Five yet but, according to our ScreenForum review, it is rather good.

After The Scorpion King which really did not see The Rock acting very much, he starred in The Rundown and Walking Tall. They were both weak films. His role in Be Cool was better, but that film was atrocious.

After that, The Rock tried children's films like Gridiron Gang. I believe has done a good job into turning into a family entertainer. That is what he was in World Wrestling Entertainment and he appears to have gone back to doing what he likes, i.e.: he acts in films for families and wrestles for families' entertainment. Fast Five is a side project then? It will be interesting to see if he takes on adult roles that are not badly made action films next and if he keeps making family films. In any case, I will have my eyes on the most electrifying man in sports entertainment.

Alistair Anderson

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