Tuesday, 24 May 2011

African Talent Hits Box Office Top Ten

South Africa has once again showcased its talent and shown the world who's boss with Afrikaans film Roepman climbing to number four in the box office top ten in its first weekend of opening. According to SCREENAFRICA it made R477,211 during the weekend of 20-22 May, narrowly being beaten by three Hollywood flicks namely, Pirates Of The Caribbean 4 (in pole position with a whopping R6.1m rolling in including 3D) Fast And The Furious 5 with R1.6m in the pot and Thor (also including 3D) with R550,290.

Roepman is another successful product from the Film Factory and is based on the novel by Jan Van Tonder of the same name. It centers on a 1966 railway village and the complexities experienced as seen through the eyes of eleven-year-old boy, Timus (Paul Loots)

Jan Van Tonder shared his views on the success of the film with Writing studio stating that Roepman was a story that had to be told, though not by him at present, as he felt he was not age-appropriate to go dabbling in the archives of 60’s South Africa, even so secretly wishing for the story to come to life.

Paul Eilers helped bring the characters out the book with his insightful directing and Executive Producer Piet de Jager saw to it that Jan’s wish came true. And come true it did to great degrees for the South African film industry and all involved in the film itself from pitch to party!

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