Monday, 16 May 2011

Bizarre - Israel Makes The Coens Richer

It baffles me why people would want to award relatively successful film makers with cash prizes. Sure, you could give a director who made a good movie an award and a gift bag like an Oscar and its associated extras. However, why would you praise them with some money?

Yet, more than "relatively successful" film makers, Joel and Ethan Coen were awarded a $1m prize on Sunday during their first visit to Israel. reported that officials at Tel Aviv University gave the prestigious Dan David Prize to the True Grit directors in praise of the borthers' "original and creative partnership, unique in the history of filmmaking".

The Jewish Coens said their mother, Rena had long urged them to visit Israel.

"Our mother tried to get us to come here for many, many years. But you know, life intervenes. We've been very busy," Joel Coen said.

He ruled out plans to set the his next film in the Middle East and also said: "We're real ignoramuses about Israel."

Alistair Anderson

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