Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Tintin Poster And Trailer Is Released

Tintin the comic script is being made into a film. This comic script, by Belgian artist Herge, first appeared in newspapers in the 1920s. The comics were then all collaborated into a book showing the adventures of Tintin.

The international and North American posters for the film have been released. Tintin was and still is extremely popular throughout the world except for in America, hence the reason for the two posters. The international poster has Tintin standing on the globe firmly over Europe while the North American poster does not show a globe at all. The Americans often do not enjoy a film with a European hero in it.

Tintin is directed by Steven Spielberg and  produced by Peter Jackson.
In the film Tintin and his friends find directions to a sunken ship and go an on adventure to find it.

The release date is said to be 23 December 2011 in America but no official South African release date has been announced yet.

Which comic script would you like to seen being made into a film?

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