Thursday, 26 May 2011

Five Reasons To Film In South Africa

Hi everyone

Today I thought we should take a look at just what makes Mzansi such a fantastic place to shoot in. If you have any reasons to add, feel free!

1. We have ELEVEN official languages-talk about diverse!

2. Beautiful time lapses! Be it of sunsets, the Big 5, foliage...

3.We have Cape Town Film Studios!

4. Cost effective. According to Time Magazine, by filming Dredd in South Africa, one can have the makings of "something that will look like $100 million" for less as cast and crew is cheaper than Europe and The U.S. and the government rebates up to 25% of production costs.

5.Skill! District 9, Tsotsi, Roepman...need I say more?

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