Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Talented film critic-turned director Rod Lurie is directing Borderline, a new hostage/crime thriller. Lurie, who made his debut with The Contender (2000) will also be releasing a remake of Sam Peckinpah’s Straw Dogs later this year.

According to Reuters.com Borderline is a bout a wife and daughter taken hostage by fugitives and centers around the father that will stop at nothing to get them back, even if it means going head to head with dangerous criminals. THR calls the film a ‘two hander’ – in other words, it’s a script with matched roles for two key actors, who these two roles will belong to is not yet known. According to Collder.com producers and Lurie are currently casting everything-on-the-line father and the nothing-to-loose criminal.

The movie is written by Justin Marks and will be produced by Voltage productions, the same company that was behind The Hurt Locker. Thus far it seems to be a promising film; I only wish they could have chosen a more original title. Borderline 2002 was about a psychiatrist for the criminally insane losing custody of her kids and Borderline 2008 was an erotic drama about a woman facing her 30th birthday. Why associate a new movie with these past identical titles?

The movie industry has also accumulated quite a collection of hostage thrillers: Taken (2008), Man on fire (2004), Ransom (1996) and Along came a spider (2001) to name a few. My point is, if Lurie wants to make any type of impact with this new hostage thriller he needs to capture audiences’ right from the start, which emphasis the importance of the two main characters even more. I agree with Hollywood.com, that Bruce Willis is most probably the front runner for the role of the father as he has had a lot of movie experience with these types of storylines.

Having said that, I am still looking forward to seeing Borderline, a good thriller is always high priority on my what to watch list. What is your opinion on hostage thriller movies?

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