Monday, 2 May 2011

Those Films That Stick

There are two types of films – the ones that you watch and you forget about and then the ones that you watch that linger in the back of your mind for several days after. These films will always be remembered and each time you think of them, it will evoke the feelings it made you feel.

These films may be a comedy that made you laugh hysterically, and provided you with many one liners among your friends. It may be a thriller or horror that left you so petrified and gave you a new life-long fear. It may be a drama that hit you deep and left you feeling a connection to the characters. It may be a romance that you still fantasize about and wish could be your love life.

Whatever the genre there are many films out there that become more than just a film to some people. Each story will hit everyone in a different way and evoke different feelings and memories. These films are made to have this effect on you.

For me, the one film that I will always remember is The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. This film had such a shocking ending that left me completely speechless. It was a very sad story that told the truth of something many people would rather not know about. Every time I think of this film, it humbles me completely.

Sometimes it’s nice to watch a film that is just ‘meh’, a mindless film that allows you to carry on with your life as normal afterwards. But every now and then, you will watch a film that hits you and stays with you, it may change your life, you never know.

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