Monday, 2 May 2011

The Addams Family Returns

Our favourite dysfunctional family might be returning to the big screen. Here’s a hint: “They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky, they’re all together ooky”. Yes! It’s the Addams Family.
According to The Addams Family movie website the movie will be animated in 3D by stop-motion animation and it will draw from the original comics signed by Charles Addams – the creator of the morbidly funny family.

The Addams family is a black humoristic take on the all American family, an eccentrically wealthy clan that find pleasure in unusual past times, such as throwing darts at one another and then catching it with their teeth.
Tim Burton is rumored to be directing the movie, I suppose because of his Corpse Bride (released 2005) which also used gothic type animation. The Addams Family movie website also added that the movie will most likely be done in black and white for a strong visual Gothic reference.

I only hope the voices of Gomez, Morticia, Wednesday, Pugsley, Uncle Fester and Grandmamma do the comic portrayals justice. I did not mention Lurch, because in the original comics he cannot speak, only grunt now and then.

The Addams family will hopefully be released 2014. I will keep you posted with anymore information on this fascinatingly dark family.

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