Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Say It Isn't So

According to the Huffington Post, Johnny Depp is said to be in talks for Pirates of the Caribbean 5. The reason? The fourth film, On Stranger Tides, was thought to be a 'fresh start' for the series. This was no doubt as there was no sign of Orlando Bloom or Keira Knightley. Somehow I think the 'fresh start' has more to do with the ringing of the cash register rather than any attempts at inconsequential things like story, plot, pacing.

Is there really a need to drag out a story based on a Disney park ride to five, five, 3 hour long movies? Yes the first was fun, the second was okay, by the third it felt like been-there-done-that, and the fourth was kind of fun, but not entirely redeemed by Penelope Cruz and a new storyline. Does sucking every last ounce of life out of an idea always work?

One quick trip down memory lane will attest. Jaws 4: The Revenge. Policy Academy 4, 5, 6......Lethal Weapon 4, 5. Die Hard, even. And that one started fabulously. When the heck does someone call it a day? When it goes straight from studio to DVD?

I won't be watching another Pirates film. How about you?

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