Tuesday, 5 July 2011

5 Things I Want To See In Transformers 4

With the latest film in the giant fighting robots franchise on course for $416 million worldwide in it's first seven days of release, it's likely that it will top at out at over $1 billion worldwide and thereby making it a no-brainer that there will indeed be a Transformers 4 in the near future. Director Michael Bay and lead actor Shia LaBeouf have confirmed that they won't be back for the next instalment so it is pretty much guaranteed that Transformers 4 will be reboot. As much as I've mostly enjoyed all three films (even the supposedly abysmal Revenge Of The Fallen) there are some changes that I would like to see in the next film. Here are my suggestions for Transformers 4:

1. More Cybertron Please!

If Avatar made one contribution to humankind, it was to show that the general movie-going public isn't as averse to strange new CGI worlds as most Hollywood execs would have you believe. Therefore I believe that there's no good reason why the next Transformers shouldn't be set mostly, perhaps entirely, on Cybertron. Hopefully it'll be a prequel where we get to see how the war between the Autobots and the Decepticons first broke out. That would pretty awesome.

2. A Half-decent Screenplay Would Be Nice

A reboot requires fresh new ideas and therefore Paramount needs to hire a new screenwriter for the next batch of sequels. Ehren Kruger's screenplays have been the weakest link of the last two films so he definitely needs to go and hopefully they bring in some new writing talent.

3. Bring On The Dinobots

If you think that Transformers that change into cars look cool, wait till you see the Dinobots who, you guessed it, transform into dinosaurs. They're pretty cool and badass plus they would be an awesome way of introducing the wider world to an expanded Transformers universe so I'm definitely keen on seeing them on the big screen.

4. Less Humans, More Robots

This ties in to points 1 and 3 but I want to emphasise it because this really is what Transformers is all about. The events that take place on Earth form a relatively small part of the canon and I believe that the best way for the series to reboot is to move away from Earth to other more exotic and frankly interesting parts of the Transformers universe.


Please for the love of God make it stop! A straightforward action-thriller, no-nonsense Transformers would be the best thing ever. The humour in the current series is at best unfunny but mostly excruciating to sit through.

What changes would you like to see in the next Transformer film?

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