Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Jonah Hex Is The Turd Of 2010

Yahoo! Movies has released a list of some of the biggest garbage to get splattered upon our cinema screens in 2010 so far.

Jonah Hex tops the list in which films like Toy Story 3 and Alice in Wonderland have earned more than $1bn each in ticket sales.

Jonah Hex was based on a graphic novel and starred W and No Country for Old Men actor Josh Brolin, as a really ugly bounty hunter with a face that supposed to look mean, and Transformers' Megan Fox as a tough prostitute. It sounded like a good idea at the time, I'm sure - an ugly guy with a hot woman from a movie about giant robots teaming up - but it was not one, apparently.

It scored a pathetic 13 out of 100 on Rotten Tomatoes and is sitting on 33 on Metacritic's scale. The film earned back only 24% of its estimated production budget of $47 million at the box office.

Empire's James White wrote - "Isn't one "Wild Wild West" enough? Okay, so Jonah Hex didn't come with the same expectations, but it's still an object lesson in how not to adapt a comic book. A crushing disappointment."

Mr Brolin at least gets to save face in True Grit but Megan Fox, who is not in Transformers 3, may be looking for work. I still think Transformers 1 was just OK and nothing more and that two was quite poor. How they can scrounge around enough for a third one, makes me wonder.

Second behind Jonah Hex was Extraordinary Measures. This was one of the first releases from the new feature film wing of CBS news. The excrement starred Harrison Ford as a doctor trying to help Brendan Fraser's sick children.

The film earned only $15m on an estimated $31m budget.

The Miami Herald's Rene Rodriguez wrote: "Everything about this excruciatingly dull, talky film screams made-for-network-TV: The I'm-only-here-for-a-paycheck performances by famous actors; the Crate and Barrel catalog mise-en-scene; the syrupy, heartwarming score that lays the pathos on so thickly you gag on it."

In third place was Repo Men, starring Jude Law and Forest Whitaker.

"The futuristic thriller from troubled Universal Pictures was made for only an estimated $32 million, but it failed to perform at the box office, earning only $18 million, or 56% of its budget. Luckily for Law his previous film, Sherlock Holmes, was the highest grossing of his career," Yahoo! Movies's Dorothy Pomerantz wrote.

I'd like to know what colossal turds you think Hollywood, or Nollywood or Jollywood -if it exists- left on your screen this year.

Alistair Anderson

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