Monday, 15 November 2010

Morning News Bullettin

Good morning all.

The Morning News Bulletin is your daily roundup of film news that happened over the last couple of hours while we were fast asleep over here in SA with the Monday bulletin including any major news that occurred over the weekend.

The last weekend has seen quite a few interesting things happening in the world of film both locally and in Hollywood including the Spud premiere at MonteCasino in Johannesburg, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart getting steamy at the filming of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn in Brazil and my favourite US President of all time, Bill Clinton, (sorry Barack) making a surprise cameo appearance in the sequel to one of the funniest movies of 2009. Details on these stories and more can be found after the jump.

First up, the Green Lantern. This is without a doubt one of my most anticipated films of 2011. Despite being a bit of a sci-fi geek (just a little bit) and this being one of the most sci-fi influenced comics out there, I initially wasn't too excited about this project. It wasn't until Martin Campbell (Goldeneye, Casino Royale) was hired as the director and Ryan Reynolds was cast as the lead that I started to sit up and take notice that this might actually turn out to be a decent superhero flick. Filming began in March this year and was completed in early August and the film is now currently in post-production. The first trailer for the movie is set to be attached to the new Harry Potter film coming out in South Africa next Wednesday but if you would like to see some footage before then I have a preview of the trailer thanks to Entertainment Tonight.

Even from this small amount of footage we can already tell what the style and tone of the movie will be and this genuinely looks like it will be fun and lighthearted in the same vein as the Iron Man films rather than dark and gritty like the latest Batman films by Christopher Nolan. My only concerns for now are that judging from the preview it is possible that the film could be too comedic, which can easily take away from any seriousness it might have and I'm not yet convinced by the decision to cast Blake Lively (Gossip Girl) as the female lead so we'll have to see how she pulls that off. All in all the full trailer will debut online on Tuesday so be sure stick with ScreenForum to see the full Green Lantern trailer as soon as it launched.

The premiere of the Spud film took place at the NuMetro in Montecasino, Johannesburg and from what I've read from browsing a few news sites it seems that the movie is indeed quite good. Lead actors Troye Sivan, who plays the title role of Spud, and British actor John Cleese were in attendance, with the latter claiming that he's already looking forward to shooting sequels to the film if this first one is successful. With the exception of Leon Schuster's films and the Academy Award winning Tsotsi, South African audiences are, sometimes with good reason, generally notorious for not supporting local films but seeing as this is based on a bestselling novel I think it should do big numbers at the big office. In case you haven't seen it yet, I've got the Spud trailer for you to check out. .

Spud will be released on December 3 2010 in Ster-Kinekor and NuMetro theatres nationwide. You could do worse than save that date on your diary

The final two films (they're actually based on one book but you can always trust Hollywood to squeeze in every penny dollar it can where possible) in the multi billion dollar Twilight franchise were shooting in Brazil over the weekend and some set photos have surfaced on the interwebs.

It seems like things are steaming up more and more as this series progresses so it will be interesting to see how the last two films turn out. If you want to see more set photos, by all means feel to free check out the rest of the pictures, if you dare, on
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn will be released in cinemas in November 2011.

Next up I've got the latest trailer for Tron: Legacy which was released towards the end of last week and it certainly looks everything like the special effects bonanza that I hoped and prayed it would be.

It turns out that occasionally prayers do get answered after all, well, sometimes anyway. The special effects, unlike the acting, look like serious Oscar contenders compared to what I've seen so far this year and at risk of stating the obvious, I can't wait to see this when it comes out on December 31. It looks like the perfect, sober alternative to end 2010.

Finally, former US President, Bill "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" Clinton was spotted on the set of the The Hangover 2 which is currently shooting in exotic, faraway Thailand. Apart from Bill "Ghostbusters" Murray in Zombieland and Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder, Mike Tyson's appearance in the first Hangover film is still one of my favourite cameo's of all time so I'm excited to see what director Todd Phillips has got lined up for the sequel in that regard. Liam Neeson has already been confirmed as a replacement for Mel Gibson and now the with the addition of Bill Clinton I have to say that my anticipation for this film has been raised by a notch or two. At the moment it seems that Bill will be playing himself in the film so we can only hope that he won't be having any sexual relations with any woman on set. Head over to to check out the set photos.

That concludes our inaugural edition of the Morning News Bulletin. Feel free to discuss below in the comments section any of these news snippets or for that matter any other film news that's on your mind.

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