Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Box Office Report: Unstoppable crashes into 1st place while Despicable Me moves down to 3rd after 7 weeks on the charts

The final South African box office numbers for the last weekend are out and, to be honest, there are no real shocks or surprises here. See the full top 10 list after the jump.

  1.  [New Entry] Unstoppable (Fox) Weekend gross: R1 135 569. Lifetime gross: R 1 135 569 
  2.  Life As We Know It (Warner Bros.) Weekend: R 859 021. Lifetime: R 4 327 949. 3rd Week
  3.  Despicable Me (Universal/Illumination) Weekend: R 542 122. Lifetime: R 13 677 128. 7th Week
  4.  The Social Network (Columbia) Weekend: R 425 096. Lifetime: R 1 389 955. 2nd Week
  5.  Piranha 3D (Dimension Films) Weekend: R 366 918. Lifetime: R 2 115 161. 3rd Week
  6.  Eat Pray Love (Columbia) Weekend: R 364 747. Lifetime: R 11 171 567. 6th Week
  7.  You Again (Touchstone) Weekend: R 327 795. Lifetime: R 933 121. 2nd Week
  8.  Alpha And Omega (Lionsgate) Weekend: R 311 531. Lifetime: R 2 461 588. 4th Week
  9.  Takers (Screen Gems) Weekend: R 264 626. Lifetime: R 1 944 258. 3rd Week
  10.  The Other Guys (Columbia) Weekend: R 169 691. Lifetime: R 7 841 856. 8th Week
I'm not really surprised to see Unstoppable at number 1 simply because there was no real competition against it from the other new releases and it's gotten pretty good reviews as well so all in all it's definitely worth seeing. Despicable Me is still holding on strongly at number 3 in its 7th week on the charts, while Life Is We Know It drops down to number 2 after a surprise number 1 debut last weekend. The only really disappointing numbers here are those of The Social Network. I was really disappointed that it debuted at number 2 last week but I thought that maybe positive word of mouth might help boost it's earnings this weekend because everyone I know who has watched it was raving about it but clearly I don't know enough people. You would think that with everyone and their dog owning a Facebook profile that a movie about Facebook would do big numbers at the box office but that has not been the case and from my perspective, I believe that this film was not marketed enough here in SA. I honestly don't recall seeing any promotional material for this film outside of theatres while I have seen quite a few a few posters for the rather dreary looking Life As We Know It and this, amongst other factors is ample evidence for The Social Network's tepid box office performance. Maybe I'm just a sore loser who hates seeing films that I love underperforming at the box office but, really now, someone should be fired over this. I could go on forever about this but let me spare you the whingeing.

Overall, box office totals down about 16% from last weekend but up about 15% from the same week last year when the macabre Michael Jackson movie, This Is It, was rocking cinemas. That's it for this weekend, see you again same place next week for the next Box Office Report.

Source: BoxOfficeMojo

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