Sunday, 5 December 2010

Film Review: Open Season 3

Director: Cody Cameron
Producer:Kirk Bodyfelt
Screenplay: David I. Stern
Starring Matthew J. Munn, Matthew W. Taylor, Melissa Sturm
Studio: Sony Pictures Animation
Score: Jeff Cardoni

It's rather unusual that an American film is released in South Africa before it is released in the US, especially if the US release is straight to DVD.

Either way, they should have stopped the series after Open Season 2. I wonder why this franchise had to be milked like this. I suppose the producers did not think that children would be able to tell they were watching an enjoyable original film be ruined.

The film just feels boring and unfunny. The story is predictable and the whole experience appears to be devoid of creativity or originality; the very thing that sequels need.

And I don't believe that I was wrong to expect more form it. Aladdin was a groundbreaking Disney Classic that was followed up by decent sequels. But Open Season was a decent animated film that has been followed up by a pointless waste of resources.

So, if you didn't even notice that this film was made, I apologise for bringing its evil into your life. I suggest you avoid this movie.


Alistair Anderson

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