Friday, 3 December 2010

Congrats Russia (2)

Here's another Russian treat -

Brestskaya Krepost is sitting at number 11 in Russian box office takings.

From imdb, slightly edited:

The film shows the heroic defence of the Brest Fortress, which was taken over by Nazis on June 22 1941. The film describes the events of the first days of the defence. Story describes the events of the first days of defense. It features three main resistance zones, headed by the regiment commander, Pyotr Mikhailovich Gavrilov, the commissar Efim Moiseevich Fomin and the head of the 9th frontier outpost, Andrey Mitrofanovich Kizhevatov.

Many years later the veteran Alexander Akimov again and again recalls the memories of the time, when he, then a 15 year old Sasha Akimov (Sasha is a shortening of Alexander) was deeply in love with a beautiful girl called Anya and suddenly found himself in the middle of the bloody events of war.

Do svidaniya!

Alistair Anderson

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